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Hey are you struggling to consistently make significant profit over time in the crypto currency markets perhaps not knowing the right time to enter a position, have a target or expectation of how much profit you can potentially or are likely to make.

Perhaps you see the crypto markets are doing well but have missed your chance / not sure when to make an entry or see the markets have pulled back and not sure whether it's just temporary and about to start running again or lead to further loss.

Perhaps you've even been in a situation where you should have closed any open positions you had as the market were pulling back but failed to do so expecting further upside and had lost significant gains you made on a trade or even a loss overall. 

These are a just few common frustrations you and many others suffer when learning and applying technical analysis to the crypto markets and is typically due to a need of further depth and understanding of your own psychology, market psychology, and ability to read charts and patterns effectively, and ultimately developing your own winning strategy from whats be previously proven to work.

Typically speaking the result of this is you not maxising profit you can make on successful trades, giving away profit from a successful trade, or making a significant loss of funds due to poor timing or misunderstanding and not being savvy to the unique aspects of the crypto markets.

The best way to combat this and capitalise on the massive amount of financial opportunity there is the crypto markets is by:


1. Having a proven, structured approach, and strategy tailored to operating in the crypto markets


2. Continuing on improving your education and understanding of technical analysis in these markets then applying what you have learned


3. Having a community to provide feedback and mentorship to help guide your efforts. This is in truth is THE MOST important key to your long term success as having a group of people with the same mindset and goal as you focused on continual improvement raises everyones ability over time, keeps you accountable, motivated and on the right track to making better and better decisions.


Why this course will be amazing for you! (Hint: It's not just a technical analysis course!)

This technical analysis course has been designed to hit all of those three improtant aspects for you first by laying the fundamentals and neccessary groundwork that every one needs to understand or simply be reminded of if you're more experienced to be successful.

Then the course step by step, with multiple examples, provides you the neccesary tools to identify and read charts in the most simplest and basic level first and then progressively adds to your knowledge and understanding over time with more complex trends, patterns, and principles building on earlier lessons you've understood in the course.

This is great if you're an absolute beginner or more experienced as either way you will find massive amounts of applicable real world useful knowledge learning in concepts rather than just what a particular pattern likely means and building from there gearing you for success as the way your thinking about and apply your technical analysis expertise shifts for the better over time.

The course is also structured in such a way that you develop your own winning strategy that works for you too which is key for your own long term success rather than providing you a one shoe fits all approach. The course provides multiple examples and ways to make winning moves in the crypto markets so you can initially pick what works for you, discard what doesn't, and through continual reflection evolve your strategy to be uniquely and highly effective for you and your lifestyle.

Lastly as a bonus you will have access to the closed private mastermind technical analysis group where members share charts of cryptocurrencies they're currently analysing, explaining the why they have selected these coins for entries based on broader market dynamics and the specifics of the chart so you can learn from more experienced successful traders and investors and bounce your own ideas and strategies off them too. It's an extremely friendly and open but focused group which in combination with this couse will be absolutely priceless and key to your long term development.

Again I can't stress enough how much of an important aspect this is as having mentoring was pivatol and crucial to my own development and what massively lead my results to skyrocket when I was first learning technical analysis in traditional markets. 

Lastly as the crypto markets are dynamic the course content will be updated every 6 months based on member feedback providing you with the most relevant and up to date information neccessary.

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12 Modules, 64 Videos, 8½ Hours of Easy To Follow Content...

This course covers each of the following topics with multiple real world examples:

1. Intro To Technical Analysis

  • 1.0 Course Overview
  • 1.1 Intro & Fundamentals
  • 1.2 What Is Technical Analysis? - Japanese Candlesticks
  • 1.3.1 Strategy
  • 1.3.2 Trading V Investing

2. Basics

  • 2.0 Basics
  • 2.1 Unique Aspects of Cryptocurrencies
  • 2.2 Understanding The Shifting Market Landscape
  • 2.3 Bitcoin VS The Rest of The Market

3. Candlestick Patterns

  • 3.0 Basic Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.1 Bullish - Single Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.1.1 Example 2
  • 3.1.2 Marubozu
  • 3.2 Bullish – Double Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.2.2 Engulfing Example 2
  • 3.2.3 Piercing
  • 3.2.4 Double Tweezer Bottom
  • 3.3 Bullish - Complex Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.4 Bearish - Single Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.5 Beaish - Double Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.6 Beaish - Complex Candlestick Patterns
  • 3.7 Neutral / Indicisive Patterns
  • 3.8 Advanced Candlestick Patterns

4. Charting Trends

  • 4.1 Charting Trends
  • 4.2.1 Bullish Macro Reversal Patterns - Double / Triple Bottom
  • 4.2.2 Bullish Macro Reversal Patterns - Inverse Head & Shoulders
  • 4.2.3 Bullish Macro Reversal Patterns - Falling Wedge
  • 4.2.4 Bullish Macro Reversal Patterns - Bull Flag
  • 4.2.5 Bullish Macro Reversal Patterns - Cup & Handle
  • 4.3.1 Bearish Macro Reversal Patterns - Double / Triple Top
  • 4.3.2 Bearish Macro Reversal Patterns - Head & Shoulders
  • 4.3.3 Bearish Macro Reversal Patterns - Rising Wedge
  • 4.3.4 Bearish Macro Reversal Patterns - Bear Flag
  • 4.4.1 Advanced Patterns - Pennant
  • 4.4.2 Advanced Patterns - Symmetrical Triangle
  • 4.4.3 Advanced Patterns - Ascending Triangle
  • 4.4.4 Advanced Patterns - Descending Triangle
  • 4.4.5 Price Channels

5. Indicators

  • 5.1 Volume
  • 5.2 On Balance Volume
  • 5.3.1 RSI
  • 5.3.2 RSI Part 2
  • 5.3.3 Bearish divergence
  • 5.4 Moving Averages
  • 5.5 Exponential Moving Average
  • 5.6 Bollinger Bands
  • 5.7 MACD
  • 5.8 TD Sequential

6. Entering Positions

  • 6.0 When To Enter Positions
  • 6.1.1 Bull Entries
  • 6.1.2 Bear Entries
  • 6.2 Bad Entries
  • 6.3 Example Trades 1
  • 6.4 Example Trades 2

7. Exiting Positions & Advanced Methods

  • 7.1 When To Exit A Position
  • 7.2.1 Example Bull Exit 1
  • 7.2.2 Example Bull Exit 2
  • 7.3 Example Bear Exits
  • 7.4 Thinking Conceptually About Entries & Exits
  • 7.5.1 Profit Targets & Fibonacci Numbers
  • 7.5.2 Fibonacci Price

8. Mitigating Risk

  • 8.1 Mitigating Risk - Difference Between Good & Great
  • 8.2 Where To Set Stop Losses - Crypto VS Other Markets
  • 8.3 Stop Losses On Different Exchanges
  • 8.3 Examples

9. Automation

  • 9.1 Automation
  • 9.2.1 Trading View Basic Alerts
  • 9.2.2 Trading View Advanced Indicator Alerts
  • 9.3 Other Alerts Systems & Utilisation
  • 9.4 Trading Bots

10. Putting It All Together

  • 10.1 Pre Game Prep & Going Full Time
  • 10.2.1 Example Day 1
  • 10.2.2 Example Day 2

11. Practicalities of Trading & Investing Crypto

  • 11.1 News Sources, Utilisation, & Compartmentalism
  • 11.2 Exchanges
  • 11.3 Setting Up TradingView

12. Extras

  • 12.1 17 Trading Tips
  • 12.2 Further Learning
  • 12.3 Books
  • 12.4 Mastermind Group

Example Video From The Course - 

9.1 Automation

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