Resources & Tools

Below is a list of resources and tools you can use to be a more savvy & profitable trader.

Position Size Calc Excel

Position Size, Risk Reward, Trading Log, & Win Rate Calculator

Customer Trading View Indicator

Custom TradingView Indicator – Divergences w/Confirmation

-With this indicator you need to request access. DM me in the Discord group when you have

-This indicator is best used to set up multiple alerts so you get a heads up for a bullish entry rather than use it for your day to day trading as it wont fire frequently if you’re using it conservatively which I would recommend

Bull & Bear Signal Bot

-This is sending alerts to the Signal-Bot channel in Discord

Further Educational Resources

Full archive can be downloaded here

Trading Checklist

Your trading checklist can be downloaded here.

It’s recommended that as you develop your own strategies working out what works best for you and your style of trading that you create your own checklist to keep you on track.

Trade Cheat Sheets

All trading cheat sheets can be found here for reference and will hopefully make your life easier when it comes to charting