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There are many ways you can support Bull & Bear, some financial some not, but before I get into the how and why I’d just like to firstly say a big thank you for watching, following, and even considering to support Bull & Bear. As of writing this I am a one man band doing all of this solo and pouring my love and passion into this exciting space creating the highest quality content I can so any support, financial or not, is again greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Like I said there are many ways to support Bull & Bear so scroll through this page to find out which is best for you and will keep Bull & Bear going.

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Patreon is a platform that allows you to pledge less than a cup of coffee a month, as little as $1 usd, and will reward you with a bunch of perks you wont find anywhere else other than on the Bull & Bear patreon feed that I’m providing exclusively for my patreon supporters such as upcomming videos and the ability to vote on what to explore next.

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